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Version 2014 is now available. V2015 is late, but we are working on it.

This is a free update for all v2011, v2012 and v2013 users. Upgrades to older versions can be purchased on the Order Page.

Unlock codes for free updates are available at this email address if you send us your registration number, name, address, and telephone number:

BeamChek v2014

We have added Miscellaneous Steel Channels (MC) and a few small regular channel sizes that are new in the 13th edition Steel Manual. The SCL's are updated as usual and if you are looking for the new Glu-Lam sizes marketed by Weyerhauser, you'll find them under their real name, "X-Beam" by Rosboro. They can be found at the end of the SCL list. These are actually Glu-Lams but are additionally available in Structural Composite Lumber sizes.  

BeamChek v2013

This version includes the new NDS 2012 version as referenced in the new IBC/IRC 2012. There aren't any NDS changes that affect the operation of BeamChek. The new Southern Pine and Mixed Southern Pine  reduced values are included in both the NDS 05 and NDS 12 editions. As usual, we have updated our SCL values and sizes with less changes this year than in previous years.

Coming later this summer MC steel channel sizes. 

BeamChek v2012

This version includes the new NDS 2012 version as referenced in the new IBC/IRC 2012. There aren't any NDS changes that affect the operation of BeamChek. The new Southern Pine #2 and Mixed Southern Pine #2 reduced values for 2x4's are included in both the NDS 05 and NDS 12 editions. As usual, we have updated our SCL values and sizes with the main changes in the popular Rosboro X-Beam product sold by Weyerhauser.

This is a free update for all v2009, v2010 and v2011 users.

BeamChek v2011

This version updates several Structural Composite Lumber values and sizes. We've fixed a problem of old data appearing when a steel beam was saved and a new calc started.

BeamChek v2010

This version includes manufacturer's updated SCL values and we have added the ability to size custom LVLs and save their attributes to your hard drive. You may also size Anthony Powerbeam products using the Custom Glu-Lam beam tool. We have also added (4) 2x built-up studs in the Wind/Stud calculator. Custom post values may now be saved for repeated use and this will be especially handy for Southern Pine posts. The Options/Defaults menu now allows for always centering the forms (or not) and will also reset your printer to the original default printer if desired.

Version 2010.01 fixes a non-critical malfunctioning button (Breadth+) of form 3.

This is a free update for all v2007, v2008 and v2009 users.

BeamChek v2009 and v2008

These versions involve internal adjustments rather than new features. We have updated the SCL values and sizes for IP, which was bought by West Fraser and new Roseburg Forest Products values. We have replaced the (no longer supported) Anthony products with the Rosboro BigBeam Series and added a 'quick load' button to insert default SCL values.  2009.02 fixed some SCL quick pick button choices.

This is a free update for all v2006, v2007 and v2008 users.

BeamChek v2007

The v2007 update includes the new NDS 2005 edition which includes removal of the round form factor for log design, beam and column stability and Kf factor provisions are revised.  Dead load deflection includes and increase for possible long term creep. Column sizing diagram has been modified for clarity and a few large W steel shapes have been added. New SCL values are included. Update .02 corrects a bug in .01 that reset the wood size factors back to 1.0. Update .03 corrects a reduction to shear near a support for overhanging members.

A new quick print feature has been added. Only Criteria forms need to be saved to disk and they can be quickly printed using the "Load and Print..." function on the Criteria form menu bar under "File".  See the manual for instructions.

BeamChek v2006

The 2006.03 update includes multiple 1-3/4" built-up Boise 2800 LVLs, an adjustment in the NDS 2001 shear reduction calculation for point loads near a support, a fix for the custom form disappearing when sizing round timbers, plus numerous minor tweaks to data display forms.


You've built lots of things with BeamChek...

Theme park structures

Air Conditioning platforms at NASA

Elevator equipment supports

Forest Service buildings

NATO and National Guard buildings

Agricultural processing structures

Boat Houses

Log Homes

Ski Lodges


Manufactured Homes

Secret government stuff in the desert, but we can't tell you more.

Movie sets

Auto assembly line equipment supports

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  v2006.04 fixes a few plate areas for flitch plates. v2006.05 is a bug fix for point loads within the depth of the beam from the right support and we updated the SCL values for IP's 1.9E LVL and TrusJoist's new 1.55E Timberstrand LVL replacement for the 1.7E.  v2006.06 is a full rework of the Wind loading on Studs with additional features and revised modification factors. v2006.06b fixes access to fonts in the Set Defaults menu.

No major code changes were necessary in v2006, but we are watching the development of the NDS 2005 edition for next year.  New in this release is analysis for wind loading on studs (combined axial and bending). This feature can be found on the menu bar of the Columns Form.  Along with the usual Structural Composite Lumber updates we have added a new manufacturer, Roseburg Forest Products. Several minor items include incised lumber identified as "PT", 8x8 structural steel tubing, a "no spacing" option for repetitive use factor, maximum round log diameter is increased to 36" and, of course, we always try to improve the printing functions. 

An Important code change in v2004

Items introduced in the 2004 version included the NDS 2001 edition, which is referenced in the new IBC 2003 and IRC 2003. Design values and methods have changed in the NDS 2001 mostly in regards to shear values (Fv) and the shear factor (Ch).


This was a non-mandatory upgrade that included machine evaluated lumber (MEL and MSR), a tool for checking notches and trimming beams, along with additional Structural Composite Lumber sizes and companies. Due to popular request we have re-included the 'Copy to Clipboard' function.


Non-standard nominal timber sizes have been added as well, from 5x5 to 12x20 in half inch increments. These sizes may be tested by using the Custom Values Form.


Added 50 ksi steel, expanded wide flange steel database, 'long' file names for saving files, 32-bit compilation (requires Windows 95 or later), and solves most, if not all, printing problems. Distributed via internet with pass code or on CD-ROM.


Optional 1991 or 1997 National Design Specification (NDS) values, and the 97 version has the new “Incising Factor” for pressure treated wood. Not all jurisdictions have adopted the 97 NDS. Check with your bldg. Dept.

Round (Log) wood members are now available on the custom values form in diameters from 5 to 24 inches.

The Wide Flange and Tubular Steel database of sizes now include some additional sizes specifically requested by BeamChek users. You may click on a “Database” button and see all the sizes available in that steel shape.

Laterally unbraced solid sawn wood and Glu-Lam members may now be modified for user selected unbraced lengths. Note: Structural Composite Lumber, flitch beams, and multiple span analysis require full lateral bracing.

Stud grades are now built into the dimension wood columns in both 97 NDS and 91 NDS versions. Stud grade only applies to members 10 feet or less in height. The “Incising Factor” is available the 97 NDS version.

Steel Plates for use as “Flitch Beams” have been added to the steel selections. Analysis is for the steel plates only and the wood is only for stability and connection purposes.

We’ve improved our file saving by opening the criteria save box along with the data record save procedure. When loading a saved criteria form, you will now have the previously calculated member’s size and species shown on an information bar at the bottom of forms 1 & 2 for reference when modifying beam criteria.

You may now enter up to four pairs of commonly used uniform loads and cycle through them by clicking the PLF or PSF button next to the uniform load entry box.

We’ve made several interface improvements including as consistent “Back” buttons and other items requested by users. We’ve fixed a few minor bugs as well.


Structural Composite Lumber Update

SCL’s: All the manufacturers represented in BeamChek have changed values and/or sizes in their product lines. Version "b" is a maintenance release.


Depending upon when you last upgraded, you may already have some of the following features.

Glu-Lams: AITC updated values for Western Woods and Southern Pine species combinations. Depths increased to 31-1/2” for Western and 30-1/4” for Southern Pine. Southern Pine widths are changed to the more common manufacturing widths. Custom Southern Pine glu-lams are now available.

Steel: Rectangular Tube beam database has been expanded up to 20” x 8” x 5/16”.

Printout: You may print your reports using any font on your system. (The printout is still optimized for Arial.) Optional 600 dpi resolution adjustment to the printout for better presentation.

New Tools: Automatic rafter slope dead load adjustment. Equal multiple spans with a uniform load. Ability to neglect the member self-weight and a switch to turn off the automatic shear reduction feature for members with side-loading. You may clear your loading entries by clicking on the adjacent load letter, or clear all the loads of specific type by double clicking within the surrounding border. Insert your calculator totals into any load box by selecting the box and pressing your “insert” key. We’ve also made some adjustments in computation speed and memory use.

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