BeamChek was first available to the design community in 1994. We currently have thousands professional users in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

We created BeamChek...
because we were frustrated by "difficult to use" structural design software written by engineers for engineers. Our goal was to create and continue to develop software that can quickly solve basic, everyday beam calculations (which is about 90% of the design work), present the calculations in a coherent, straight forward print-out, and sell for a reasonable price. We are aware that BeamChek doesn't do everything that you'll find in the $400 to $1000+ software programs, but we are continuing to add features.

Today, BeamChek is the preferred design tool of architects, engineers, designers, builders, home inspectors and lumber specifiers. They're located nationwide. Many building officials use BeamChek as a plan check tool and dozens of universities and community colleges use it for design instruction.

We’ve been told many times that BeamChek is replacing a competitors software that often costs three times as much as ours.









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Why does BeamChek software cost so much less?

Several reasons...

All of our advertising and documentation is printed in black and white. (Unless the color is provided to us without added cost.)
You don’t pay for the glitzy look of full color advertisements and fancy packaging.

We sell lots of software.

BeamChek’s ease of use appeals to a larger market, including builders and home designers, not just engineers and architects. Our distribution is through national CAD software re-sellers, construction and technical bookstores, and internet software specialists. Word of mouth advertising generates lots of BeamChek sales too. Volume sales of BeamChek equate to lower costs and a savings for you.

Tech support is a major cost to software companies.

Our costs are low because most users find technical answers quickly by using the software ‘instant help buttons’ and the simple manual. We also ship several examples with the manual explaining how to enter loads into the program. Of course, we do respond quickly if you happen to have an engineering question or a computer problem.

Returns from dissatisfied customers are costly.

Returns of BeamChek are so rare that we are able to guarantee your satisfaction or you may return the manual and software within 30 days and you’ll receive a full refund (less shipping, of course).

You can have a voice in the continuing development of BeamChek.

Over sixty software enhancements in BeamChek are direct requests by designers from around the nation. Some folks call us on a regular basis with suggestions. When they call, they speak directly to the developer, Al Cohen, who is a registered architect specializing in residential remodeling and custom homes.

"Excellent program"
BB in Oregon

"Nicely designed piece of software."
AC in Connecticut

"I've been a user since 1994 and it keeps getting better!"
WP in Washington

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